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There is no doubt that John is a musical force to be reckoned with having written over 250 songs and being able to play 7 instruments fluently. Thirsty Horse Saloon is honored to have John Christopher Way as one of our top performers, always giving the crowds something to dance to.


John Christopher Way was born in Kerrville Texas in March of 2018 and was destined to be a musician from the start. His father Johnny Delton Way played fiddle, mandolin, guitar, and banjo professionally and John took an interest in learning each at an early age. By 11 years old he had already taught himself how to play the drums and bass and was learning how to play the guitar.


In 1996 John was awarded the Texas Heritage Award.  He accepted the award on stage opening for Willie Nelson.  In 1997, he entered the Reach the Stars talent contest in Dallas Texas, taking 3rd place in the competition out of 300 contestants.


John attended college in Waco Texas, where he continued honing his talent and after two years decided it was time to move to Nashville, Tennessee.  In 2001, John won the Music City 103.3 Ford Truck Song-writing Competition.  John spent 7 years in Nashville working and playing for artists such as Joe Diffie, Doby Gray, Michael Peterson, Terry McBride and more. 


Come hear what true passion and talent sounds like at Thirsty Horse Saloon.

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