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Clay Hollis is a Texas Native and plays regularly at Thirsty Horse Saloon. 


Clay Hollis presents country music, in a pure, simple and powerful form. Born in the Rio Grande Valley and raised in San Antonio, his Texas roots run deep with his mother being from Laredo and father being from Dallas. 


Being a music fan as long as he can recall, Clay’s passion for performing developed at a very young age.  Mario Flores, Gabe Garcia, Bart Butler, Jon Wolfe and Jon Pardi have all have lent a hand to the young singer to help him develop his style and stage presence.


Clay’s first debut EP features his debut single, “Look Who’s Hurting Now,” an anthemic ballad, made powerful by his rich country voice with a little bit of grit mixed in. Hollis has undaunted support from his family and friends, and believe his talent will take him as far as he will allow it. When not on stage, or in a college classroom (studying for a degree in music business,) Hollis volunteers his time to nonprofit organizations, such as 4-H and Trinity Oaks. 


Check out this live performance of What a Crying Shame from Clay Hollis' recorded at Thirsty Horse, on our new YouTube Channel.

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